Donald J Tran

Escape Room Enthusiast, Web Developer

About Donald

Back-end Web Developer with a repertoire of front-end skills.

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to view my site.

My name is Donald and I'm journeying back to the software industry – this time as a developer.

In the past, I tested apps and found bugs as a QA analyst. Now, I'm creating apps and fixing bugs as a developer.

As much as I love finding issues in other people's code, I love it more when the code I write doesn't break and my server doesn't 500.

My transition to a developer feels very natural; I'm constantly tested, I'm constantly learning, and there is tangible evidence that I'm growing every day.

When I'm not solving problems in code, I'm solving problems in escape rooms.

I've completed over 30 escape rooms and there's a thrill in challenging my brain to think outside the box, working under a time constraint, and walking out the final door with my teammates.

I'm competitive; not in a sense of winning the game, but more about competing against my past self and moving one step forward to become a better team player.

I view challenges as opportunities to evaluate my skills, criticism as opportunities to improve my weaknesses, and failures as opportunities to establish new goals.

Testimonials from Past Colleagues

Don is one of the best people I've worked with during my time at First American Title.

I came to know Don very well during the time that I mentored him during his first year, and came to greatly appreciate his uncanny ability to master technology, his knack for finding the most efficient way to tweak software to accomplish goals, and his positive, generous, helpful attitude towards all his colleagues.

His natural flair for technology, spot-on ability to discover underlying issues, and invariably cheerful 'can-do' attitude make him a very strong QA analyst, a wonderful colleague, and an invaluable asset to any organization that he's a part of!

Aparna Suresh, Lead Business Systems Analyst

From the start of class until the end, Donald was like a sponge for knowledge.

I had the pleasure of meeting Donald on the first day of our accelerated web development program. He grasped concepts fast and, not only was able to learn but to share his knowledge with others. He also pushed me as a fellow developer as he would come up with innovative ways to break my code which helped me become better as I was able to take care of problems I would not have foresaw.

I worked with him on multiple group projects and, beyond his dedication was a great person to work with. Could not be more proud to know him and, would definitely enjoy working with him in the future.

Erik Nuber, Art Director

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